IIUM Robotic Competition 2019 (IRC19) is a program organised by the IIUM Robotic Team in collaboration with the Department Of Mechatronics Engineering, Kulliyyah of Engineering, IIUM. The event will be held at CAC Hall, IIUM Gombak.

Date of Competition: 13th - 15th September 2019


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    IIUM Roboteam

    Premium Engineering Hub

    IIUM Robotic Team or IIUM Roboteam for short, was founded in 2007. We started as a very small group and eventually growing into a big community consisting of engineering and ICT students. IIUM Roboteam has participated in several robotic competitions both local and international, and have won some of the competitions.

    Some of the previous competitions that we have joined were Robotic Contest (ROBOCON),Malaysian International Robotic Competitions (MIROC), Freescale, Asia Pacific Robotic Competition 2015 (APROC’15), Pathfinder, Malaysia Robotics Championship 2016 (MRC’16), Chem-E-Car competition, T-Robotics Underwater Challenge, Malaysia Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Challenge (MAUVC), and Singapore Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Challenge (SAUVC).

    IIUM Roboteam is the best platform for the students to practice their engineering knowledge. All theories learnt in lectures are practiced through solving real life problems and through sharing of knowledge. Therefore, we strongly believe that the knowledge and achievements obtained shall not end up on this stage, rather to expand it in a wider scale so that it will reach all stages of the community, especially the younger generations, which are students in both primary and secondary level of studies.

    They will be exposed to most engineering branches and will absorb the idea of invention and innovation for future benefits. These activities will open eyes of the community about engineering and at the same time they will know that this is only the beginning of the very vast engineering world that lies in their future.

    About the Competition

    IIUM Robotic Competition 2019 involves 8 type of games. It is an open participation competition to all level of students. The main purpose is to inculcate a competitive attitude while experiencing robotics application of knowledge. Below are the games offered in this competition.

    Soccer Robot

    (Primary and Secondary school)

    Time Rush


    Autonomous Sumo


    Mini Combat


    Creative Thinking


    Trashure Hunt

    (8 to 15 years old)

    Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle




    Click the button below to see the general frequently asked questions about this competition.

    Q1: Can a teacher be the supervisor?

    A1: Yes.

    Q2: How the game is conducted?

    A2: Different game will conduct differently, you can get it from module given.

    Q4: What happen when you don’t arrive at the field when your team has been called?

    A4: Your team will be disqualified.

    Q5: What is quarantine area?

    A5: Specific area decided by organizer for participant to wait before the match start.

    Q6: How the sticker is applied?

    A6: Before the game start, each robots need to be inspect so that the robots meet the specification given by organizer. The specification of robots are stated in the module. If the robot didn't have sticker from organizer, the robots may be disqualified.

    Q7: Can the participant test run the robot on the real field before the competition day?

    A7: Participants can test run their robot two days before competition start. The organizer will open the field on 13/4-14/4 during office hour.

    Q8: What is the dimension of the field?

    A8: You can refer it in our module.

    Q9: Will the field change on the competition day?

    A9: The field will not change on the competition day. Any changes will be notified in the website and our official page.

    Q10: Is there any limitation of entry for any institution to join the competition?

    A10: There will be NO limitation for any institution to join this competition.

    Q11: Can anyone replace me during the competition?

    A11: Yes. Anyone can be replaced during the whole period competition as long as the replacing participants is eligible according to the rule. However, during any game match, only the specified number of participants are allowed to enter the game field at a time (e.g. 3 participants form primary school student in soccer (PRIMARY) category. This applicable if the manager is registered as the participant as well.

    Q12: Can the manager be a manager for other teams?

    A12: Yes. The manager can be the manager for other teams. However, the manager will not get the certificate of participation except upon request. The number of certificates will be given according to the number of participants for each team in any particular category (e.g. 3 certificates for each team in soccer (PRIMARY) category.

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